Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ax Wound Zine is here!

The newest issue of the fabulous feminist horror zine, Ax Wound, produced by the talented and witty Hannah Neurotica, is now available! Back issues of the zine are also available. For those of you that have never heard about Ax Wound zine before, should check it out, it's rad. Utterly rad.

Ax Wound is the derogatory for a menstruating vagina. How fucking perfect is that for a feminist horror zine? Check the site here. Check Hannah here.

What's in this zine? Well, there's a rad interview with Eli Roth where he talks about the Twisted Twins, which led to an interview with twins for the same issue. It was also how Harry Met Sally, how the Twins Met Hannah. The woman who started Women In Horror month. She's really smart and she makes you love horror even more! You can order the newest Ax Wound here.

Thank you, boys and girls.


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