Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

It's a pleasure just to be nominated, but it's DAMN sweet to win. We have been given the distinct privilege of having our PENNY DREADFUL DIARY honored with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

Two fold. We were announced by the wonderful and talented Sean Thompson, of Spooky Sean's Sinful Bloggery, and the oh-so-lovely Jennifer Cooper, of Jennifer's Bodies Film Festival and Musings Of A Morleysaurus.

Thank you so much, my dear friends. It's makes us so happy to, in addition to all that film business, to be able to maintain our personal blog which ranges from covering our latest film ventures to our own personal stories and everywhere in between. Thank you for reading. It's an amazing feeling to be able to personally connect with so many people.

There are rules that go along with this award...

1) Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2) Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3) Pass the award to 12 of your blogging buddies.
4) Notify the recipients

Now I hope I am allowed to include those who have nominated me because it would be impossible to carry on with out doing so. So I shall. It's my blog, after all. My rules.

*insert maniacal laughter here*


1) Sylv's favorite Ghostbuster is Dr. Peter Venkman. Mine is Dr. Egon Spengler. *sigh* Oh, Egon...

2) We're Hungarian. Though we've never returned to the "homeland", our first language was Hungarian. We didn't speak much English until we had to attend school. We learned English by watching TV.

3) We used to volunteer as camp counselors at a children's horse camp. We're very good riders and used to teach kids how to ride. We haven't been riding in far too long.

4) We still have and love our favorite childhood toys. Sylv has a stuffed lion in a plain white T named "Tigey" and I have my Roger Rabbit.

5) We know every word and every lyric in Little Shop of Horrors and tried in vain on many an occasion to put it on as a school play. No one shared our enthusiasm. The fools. We had a cat named "Seymour" after Krelborn.

6) We're both brow belts in mixed martial arts.

7) We both think monkeys are Godless, violent, little bastards and would never go near one that is free range.

And the 12 Winners as chosen by us Twisted Twins (in no particular order)...

1) MARGARET BIRD: The blog of the third member of our Triforce. Talented film maker, masterful musician and composer, and BFF, CJ Wallis. I could write volumes about this man's un-ending, awesome-y, awesome-ness, but I can imagine you get my drift. He's outstanding and his work, thoughts, inspirations, aspirations, and upcoming projects are all here.

2) CIGARETTES AND REDVINES: The definitive P.T. Anderson resource and a site that CJ Wallis has been looking after for years and years. I know you love this cinematic genius and perhaps this is a site that you have previously been unaware of. Look no further. For the latest, breaking news on all things P.T., look no further. And you're welcome.

3) THE JADED VIEWER: If you take a read of the site you'll quickly learn the Jaded Viewer reviews the world of horror, splatter, gore, cult, grindhouse, trash, b-movie, erotica, indie, asian and exploitation films. But what gives him a very special place in our demented little hearts is that he was the first blogger ever to review anything to do with our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. In fact, he reviewed and posted our very first trailer. We've loved him ever since.

4) LICK MY LIT: Yes, you did read that right. Provocative, brilliant, informed, and opinionated is our honorary third sister, Hannah Neurotica, of Ax Wound Zine and founder of Women In Horror month. Hannah is a talented writer, reviewer, interviewer, and all round artist. I am grateful everyday that she has come into our lives. Now you can welcome her and her blog into yours.

5) SPOOKY SEAN'S SINFUL BLOGGERY: Of course I must include the incredibly talented Sean Thompson, of his Sinful Bloggery. He is an outstanding writer and I am so happy to be able to also call him our friend. Please do treat yourselves to a read of his work. His stories are wonderful and the world is just that much better now that they're being published. Certainly a man to keep an eye on and both if you can spare them.

6) MUSINGS OF A MORLEYSAURUS: Truly a woman after my own heart. Jennifer Cooper is a horror nerd but as we all know nothing is more chic than geek. It's our time. Her blog is a personal favorite of ours and chalk full of keen wit, delicious turn of phrase, and the latest on horror and geek culture. A definite book mark blog for all.

7) THE BLOOD SPRAYER: Okay, it's not just a blog, but a full awesome ass site of reviews, interviews, news, and collective radity. I love the whole lot of the Blood Sprayer crew. They are masters of horror and know their shit. A special shout out goes to our outstanding friends who have been so good to us at the Blood Sprayer: Zach Shildwachter, Kristy Jett, Wes Allen, James Cortez, Shawn Savage, and Ted Brown. Now go to the site and enjoy a steaming cup of boom storm in your faces (I ensure you it's a good thing).

8) ZOMBIES DON'T RUN: Chuck Conry is wicked. From the moment we read his blog name we were in agreement. REAL zombies don't run and Chuck is the man. He's one of our beloved Horrorphilia gents, too. We love his writing style and his blog is a must stop shop for all things horror.

9) SLAMMED & DAMNED: The official blog of sensational writer Theron Neel. He was one of the very first to take a chance on and review our DEAD HOOKER. He is an astounding writer, reviewer, and interviewer. He also writes for FanGirlTastic. And he's fan~fucking~tastic himself. Any horror lover should certainly take a looky loo and enjoy.

10) FROM MIDNIGHT, WITH LOVE: Written and maintained by "The Mike". An absolutely phenomenal blog that was recently nominated for the 2010 "Best Blog" Rondo. Yes, there is a definite and indeed deliberate "horror" theme amongst these blogs, but the horror community is made up of some of the greatest people there are. We're avid readers of FMWL.

11) THE LIBERAL DEAD: The Liberal Dead is an independent horror entertainment site, ran by fans, for fans. Justin LaLiberty, Shawn Savage, and Ted Brown are horror fans and that's what makes them so damn good at what they do. They love horror and we love them right back.

12) THE ALBIN WAY: Andrea Albin is one badass bitch. She writes for the delicious STIFF Magazine, reviews, and interviews. We've met only recently but we've fallen for this talented femme fatale and her gore~geous way with words. Recently she spoke with us and the always wonderful Eli Roth. You can check that out right here.

Now I KNOW I haven't included everyone I adore. 12 is a lot, but just not enough in this case. Forgive me if you're not in this list, you're still on my "heart" list and that's not too shabby.

In closing, thank you for this distinct honor and I hope all you readers have seen a few new cool blogs to check out.

X's and O's,

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