Thursday, November 03, 2011

Happy (belated) Birthday Bad Ronald with a Special Twisted Twins Interview

Last night Sylv and I did something we should have done years and years ago. We watched DEAD RINGERS, the brilliant film by David Cronenberg starring Jeremy Irons and Jeremy Irons as identical twin doctors. I imagine it could be called a horror movie, but being identical twin ourselves it was a heart breaking tale of two twins, their complicated relationships with one another and themselves, and their decent into drug addiction. It was beautiful.

As you may guess, twins always have a special place in our hearts. From the 1988 film TWINS (yes, they're not identical) to the badass babysitter twins of GRINDHOUSE. Another sensational set of duplicates? Bad Ronald and his twin who merrily celebrated their birthdays yesterday. Bad Ronald has been beyond sweet to us clones and how does this outstanding doppelganger party on his birthday? By giving us Twisted Twins a sensational, in depth interview. Didn't I tell you? Twins just can't be beat.

It's actually quite a brilliant series of questions, the kind a only a twin would know to ask a twin. Get the low down on our super secret twin powers, how to tell us apart, who crossed the "finish line" first and how, and even about our upcoming elusive baby, AMERICAN MARY.

Bloody Best~!!

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