Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brea Grant

"I’ve always been a girl who didn’t fit the normal standards of what beauty is. That’s fine. It’s not a sad story. I’ve just always been into the punk rock scene or alternative lifestyle that shaped my style, so not everybody will find me attractive and that’s fine."

Brea Colleen Grant was born October 16th, 1981 in Marshall, Texas. She went to Marshall high school and would later go on to post secondary at the University of Texas. She postponed her last semester for her career, but never leaving anything half done, she returned to finish her masters. A brilliantly talented young woman, painfully intelligent and interesting, and one of the most approachable, down to earth artists on the scene - it's true. She interacts with fans regularly on her site, twitter, and is a supernova of rad when you see her at any horror conventions.

"I get a lot of emails that are like, “I’m sure you really don’t answer your email, and I get Facebooks that say ‘this isn’t really Brea,’ and (it's) the fact that people can’t believe that I’m reading my emails and answering my facebook."

Brea is just cool - she used to host an all-girl radio show where she would talk about alternative culture and feminism and cool shit. She began her acting career in 2007 with the role of Candy in YOU'RE SO DEAD. 2008 would be a sensationally busy year for her - bringing her onto eleven different projects - in movie time, that's like ten years worth of work. Brea would play Jean Binnel on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Barb in MULTIPLE CHOICE, Randi Spotswood in SMOOCH, Liza West in COLD CASE, Liberty in CORPSE RUN, Jean in MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, Heather Dreeban in RAISING THE BAR, Rachael in MIDNIGHT MOVIE, Junkie Girl in MAX PAYNE, and Rasha in BATTLE PLANET.

"I feel like Hollywood is embracing the outsider and that’s because a lot of Hollywood is filled with outsiders. Even the girls who are seen as beautiful in Hollywood feel like outsiders. I think everybody struggles with their image to a certain degree."

In 2008-2009, Brea would take on a role in HEROES that would introduce her to a much bigger audience in the role of bad girl, Daphne Millbrook. Not up on your HEROES? Her character was also known as the Speedster who could move at super sonic speeds - like Quicksilver, you know, Magneto's son. Coming onto a big series like that can be an intimidating task, but Brea handled it like a pro and more people started to take notice of her ability. She would go on to star in Rob Zombie's ultra violent and fucking wicked HALLOWEEN 2 as Mya Rockwell. Her Halloween costume was as Columbia a la Rocky Horror which was hip as hell.

"I got into comics late as far as a reader goes - I've been reading them for maybe the past ten years or so. But I've been writing them for about two years now."

I met Brea once at the LA Viscera Film Festival and i have to tell you, she's a rockstar public speaker. That is where I learned about her graphic novel miniseries, We Will Bury You, that she did with her brother, Zane Grant. Think Steve Dillion-esque no holds barred ultra gore zombie apocalypse set in the alternative past version of the 1920s. Unique, but everybody does zombies, right? Wrong. The series actually follows two lesbian lovers, Miyah and Fanya, with the story not focusing mainly on zombie survival, but rather on the women's relationship and their travels in a time where the roles of women change. Not your typical zom-rom, a totally original awesome read. She's since gone on to write the SuicideGirls graphic novel miniseries based on the pinup website.

"Don’t take anything personally – compliments or criticism, press or lack of interest, not getting parts or booking them. Although they hire you, they don’t really know you."

"I love homicide...I've always been fascinated by people who do bad things" - Ryan Chambers on DEXTER. In 2011, Brea would join the cast of everyone's favourite sociopathic serial killer, Dexter, as Ryan Chambers, a newcomer to the forensics department and assistant to Vince Masuka. The two would form a relationship that would get cut short from her fascination with the Ice Truck Killer resulting her in stealing evidence and then selling it on the internet. Aw, young people these days.

What I truly dig about Brea Grant is that she defies the stereotypes of a young woman in her position today. She's takes roles that she brings her own personality to whether she's a super villain, Myers' victim, or plain ole crazy chick. I love comics and there is this stigma that chicks don't like comics or enjoy them to any extent and here you have an intelligent artist that actually fucking creates material and does a phenomenal job at it. This lady definitely has a very full career ahead of her and from the past, it looks like it's going to be an extremely uncanny and memorable one.


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