Thursday, March 29, 2012

Erebus Horror Crowns a Pair of Twisted Twins

"Now do you see why we chose The Twisted Twins to be our Queens of Horror? Well lets look at this objectively. They’ve got a unique vision and determination when it comes to film making, they have done, and continue to contribute, so much to our great horror genre, they do all of their own stunts, they’re incredibly beautiful but also deadly (they’re trained in martial arts so watch out!) and they’ve got an immense following which is only going to increase as they make more movies."
Erebus Horror did a cool piece where they decided to name some of their favourite horror artists king and queen of horror. Not since baby Simba was lifted into the sunlight by Rafiki has anyone felt so much stupid happiness from such a rad honour. The article goes on to talk about our first flick, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, our fastly approaching second film, AMERICAN MARY, and all the happenings in between.
"Now in my opinion, there is definitely a gap in horror. And that gap is in the form of horror twins – There just aren’t ANY that spring to mind (Apart from Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers, but lets face it – He’s not really a twin!) So I think it is definitely safe to say that The Twisted Twins are one of a kind, whether it’s their filmmaking, their unmatched humour, their unwavering love of horror, or perhaps because there are TWO of them! You’ll see – In time they’ll be a worldwide horror personality."

You can check out the entire piece here, a new interview will be up on the site shortly too, and read up on their king of horror, Bill Oberst, here. Thank you for talking about our project and talking to us, Erebus Horror! Your support of indie artists like this means the world to us.


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