Thursday, August 30, 2012

There Will Be Mod, Mary Reviews Keep Rolling in

"Original is a word that’s not often used within horror nowadays, which of Couse, is a shame, however, with this lack of originality in the genre, it only makes seeing a film such as American Mary that much more satisfying. Unflinching, shocking but somehow very touching and personal at the same time, American Mary is something new and well, I believe it’s something to shout from the rooftops about." - Jordan McGrath, EatSleepLiveFilm (full review)
"The twisted minds behind the cult smash ‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’ have gone from cult low budget to Hollywood mainstream in one easy scoop. Capturing the imagination of none other than horror’s latest controversial director, Eli Roth. American Mary has the raw, talented and cringe inducing moments seen on film since Hostel and let’s get this clear from the outset, AM is not for the feint hearted." - BloodGutsUK (full review)
"American Mary is one of the very best films at this year's FrightFest, and practically guaranteed a lasting cult status. It is not only one of the few scheduled films directed by women, but also a refreshingly original take on the genre. In other words, while no turkey, it certainly has wings. Cannot wait to see where the Soskas will take us next." -Anton Bitel, Little White Lies (full review)
"The gorgeous Katharine Isabelle delivers a superlative, career-defining performance as Mary – an ambitious, vulnerable girl eventually twisted and sullied by circumstances that change her world. Her relationship with Billy holds a sweetness of its own, a promise of romance that neither of them really manages to drag to the surface, lending a multi-layered gravitas to their scenes together which, thankfully, both actors realise impeccably. As Beatress, Tristan Risk is an absolute delight."
- Pestilence, Dread Central (full review)
"The weird, strange, and often disturbing world of American Mary's body-mod setting is brought to life by special effects wizard Todd Masters, best known for his work on television shows like True Blood and Fringe as well as films like Slither. Remarkably, the movie contains no computer generated imagery, relying entirely on the old-school use of prosthetics and special make-up for characters ranging from the totally unconventional (silicone forehead horns) to cringe-worthy, Real Housewives-esque plastic surgery "victims." Oddly, it is the characters in the latter category who are the most compelling and disturbing to behold, especially when viewed through Brian Pearson's appropriately moody lens." - Rachel Fox, Twitch Film (full review)


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