Monday, September 03, 2012

EatSleepLiveMary: Twisted Twins Interview

"As well as sitting down with American Mary star Katharine Isabelle at this year’s FrightFest, I also had the opportunity to talk with the equally humorous and insightful ‘Twisted Twins’ Jen and Sylvia Soska (following the obligatory hugs of course), about their new film. They spoke about creating a movie for a reason, their retirement from acting, a possible piss take on the romantic comedy genre, and the only reason to get out of bed: prosthetics and gore."

EatSleepLiveFilm is a remarkable site for insight in all things film with professionals who are aficionados and lovers of the art form. So, it was an absolute pleasure and delight when we had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Risker of EatLiveSleepFilm for an interview with my twisted twinnie where we had the chance to really get into the world of AMERICAN MARY.

You directed and starred in DHIAT. With American Mary you have been almost exclusively behind the camera apart from a cameo appearance. Do you feel this impacted the final look of the film and would you consider taking a starring role in future films?  
Jen: Our cameo in American Mary has been kind of our retirement from acting. As much as we love acting, it really was our real passion, but it’s a real challenge to be able to direct and do all of the other responsibilities that go along with it, and be on the camera. Even if you’re going back and forth, it was very stressful to be like, “Am I using the right light?” It’s not like an actor thing when you’re directing as well to be concerned with. It’s, “Did I get the shot? Was it clearer enough? Was there another sound going on while I was talking?” We really wanted to focus on the story of American Mary, and all the different elements, so as a choice we wanted to take a step back. But we had such good support from DHIAT that people said, “We want to see you do something.” So we said, “Okay we’ll let you see us do something, one final something.” I would say we could be talked out of retirement for something really amazing, like I challenge anybody to take us out of retirement, but right now we really want to focus on our directing and our writing.  
Sylvia: Actually in all of our other scripts that we have there is nothing at all for us to do in it. This was it that was the one final time. So we decided to do things we really like. Jen loves prosthetics so she got a lot of prosthetic work on that. I wanted to kiss a girl and I got to do that because I guess I don’t date ever. It was really fun, but the whole time in the back of my mind I wanted to be behind the monitor, and there were a few little things that were very different from how… looking at it I wish I’d done this or I wish I’d done that, you can’t do that when you’re actually in the seat, especially when you’re working on an independent. You have so little time to get everything done. So its fun, I love acting, and I hope people enjoy the final cameo. I hope it wasn’t too narcissistic like, “Everyone stop the movie, the twins are going to make their cameo now.”

Check out the whole utterly rad piece here! Thank you to Paul for taking the time to talk to a pair of completely insane Canadian twins - you were just wonderful, sir.

And do not miss the interview with the intoxicatingly talented, Katharine Isabelle, here where she gets under Mary's skin as she describes how she brought the final girl/every girl to life.


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