Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Whistler Film Fest Is No Time For A Coat!

"Vancouver filmmaking twin terrors Jen and Sylvia Soska won’t be on the slopes. 
“I’m more a professional hot-tubber,” says Jen, who with her twin wrote and directed American Mary, which stars local fave Katharine Isabelle as a disillusioned med student who finds a cringe-inducing new career in the underground body-modification scene.
The twins have been a hit on the global genre festival circuit, storming stages from the U.S. to Europe and Australia, in their matching PVC outfits. American Mary opens the festival’s late night terror fest program. 
“It’s a bit of an American Mary reunion,” Sylvia says. The pair filmed the movie in a speedy 15 days just over a year ago. “Most of the cast and crew are coming up there ... when you have 15 days to shoot everything, you get extremely close — I really miss those guys.” 
Sylvia says American Mary costume designer Enigma Arcana whipped them up a closet full of eye-catching gear starting with an earlier festival appearance alongside horror icon Elvira. 
“She said she had to give us something a little low cut and sexy, otherwise no one was going to pay attention to us next to Elvira,” Sylvia says.
The twins are both nursing head colds after all that travelling, but they say that won’t affect their wardrobe choices. 
“I have some nice thigh-high boots,” Sylvia says. “I don’t think anyone’s coming to see us in coats. We’re already sick so I don’t see it getting much worse.”
Which sounds more like work than play, poor gals."

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