Sunday, January 06, 2013

Bloody Bloody Mary

"AFTER making her name in cult classic Ginger Snaps, the actress is starring in another shocker, American Mary, that has wowed critics while denting the world supplies of fake blood. 
But the 31-year-old admits she is not too good with real-life gore. 
Katharine said: “Even having my blood taken is a big deal for me.” 
In her new film, she plays a surgical student who carries out illegal operations for bizarre clients in a part especially written for her by horror producers the Soska sisters. 
Katharine said: “When I was sent the script, I was just supposed to glance at it on my Blackberry but ended up reading the whole 180 pages straight away. I loved the character. 
“It was not till I had dinner with the sisters some time later that they told me they had written American Mary with me in mind – which was extremely flattering.”"



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