Saturday, February 16, 2013


I am a big fan of burlesque. Now, you might think that's because I enjoy being around beautiful, talented women, and that's a big part of it, but something you might not expect is the sisterhood, the women supporting women, and the celebration of women of every kind - not just the cookie cutter image that mainstream media force feeds us.


Crystal Precious' new video for APPLE PIE features my favourite ladies of Sweet Soul Burlesque: Lindsay Cherry OnTop, Lola Frost, Cara MilkRita StarTristan Risk (Beatress of American Mary), as well as Melody Mangler, Sharai Rewels, Villainy Loveless, April OPeel, Darla Devine, and Meg A Tron - and it is fucking awesome.

It launches today, please check it out, share it out, throw some comments and likes up on the video! And if someone doesn't deserve your pie, no pie for them. Be selective of slice distribution.


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