Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MEGATechNews Chats with us Twisted Twins at Fan Expo Vancouver

The wicked awesome folks at MEGATechNews cover the radness that is the Vancouver FAN Expo!! Check it out, boys and grrls AND they chat with us Twisted Twins. RADCORE.

http://www.megatechnews.com - The MEGATechNews team had a great time covering the 2013 Vancouver Fan Expo this past weekend. Although there were lots of big celebrities like Amanda Tapping, Michael Rooker, Michael Hogan and more, we decided to shine a light on some of the equally important things at the show like the comic artists (Kurtis Wiebe), voice actors (Michael Banyaer), and background actors (Peter Kent) that also make the experience unique. We also talk to two of the biggest fan clubs, the Ghostbusters of BC and the 501st Legion, to find out what their experience was at this year’s event plus tons of costumed fans of all sorts.

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