Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Traumatic Cinematic Talks to the Twisted Twins

"AL: What does Women in Horror Month mean to you ladies personally? Does it hit close to home for you? 
SS: WiH is a celebration for the under-recognized heroes that have pioneered and changed the industry in so many ways. There is a misconception that horror doesn’t appeal to women, the roles within it are misogynistic, and that women are not working behind the scenes to tell these stories. If we can change that viewpoint in horror, where we have this huge uphill battle for reassessment on gender equality, then there is hope for the rest of the industry.

JS: I feel it is about equality, celebration, and recognition. We should be well versed about the history of our industry and I was surprised how little I knew, initially, about the women who were our earliest trail blazers. It’s because they are simply not celebrated nor recognized to the level that they should. It’s also important to recognize that sexism is not a male against female issue as some of the most derogatory, sexist remarks out there come from girls being hateful of other women. And there are some phenomenal male feminists out there."

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