Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Ends The First Women In Horror Month

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. I write this with mixed emotions, and not simply because I am Canadian and am screamed out from celebrating 14 gold ones, but because today is the last day of the first Women In Horror Month. It is a sad day because it is over, but also a joyous one because it started something. An awareness that there are some just fucking spectacular ladies in the horror scene and now we have the utter pleasure of calling them our friends. Not just the ladies, everyone who participated and made a difference in the name of Women In Horror this month, we salute you.Thank you to the founder of this movement and someone who is a sister to us twisted twins, Miss Hannah Neurotica. To put yourself out there to make a difference like this is a lot of hard work, a lot of getting people involved, and it sometimes leaves you open to assholes who ignorantly bash you because it's so in vogue to do that kind of garbage when someone is trying to do something that matters.
For you avid comic fans, may I take you to the pages of my all time dirty pleasure of The Preacher comics. In one panel Herr Starr says, "Kill the women first." Follow me down the rabbit hole, girls and boys. Starr is referring to what to do in a terrorist situation. He goes on to explain that if there are any women present, the only reason is because they are so utterly capable that no man could do what they do better. So, kill them first as they are the highest threat. I use that as a blueprint for my work ethic and I have the highest level of respect for women who perform with the highest level of excellence. Hannah is one of those women. Last night we were privileged to be a part of the Saturday Night Spookshow Spectacular hostessed by the horror goddess, Miss Gory Rae. For those of you kids that haven't been to a Spookshow before, let me tell you, it is a bloody treat. It was an event that concluded and celebrated the WiH Month, but also was a double feature of Repo the Genetic Opera and The Phantom of the Paradise. There was an evisceration-- a Repo Man came to collect, then a pair of Rae's Gorriors came to feast on the flesh. Later, we were invited to bath the hostess in blood as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to our Massive Blood Drive. It was fabulous. We will see you at the next one and every one that follows, girls and boys. It's a show like no other.
Speaking of blood drives, we would like to thank all of you that came out to donate, donated around the world, and hostessed your own blood drives in your hometowns. Our lovely scream queens south of the boarder, Devanny Pinn and Tara Cardinal, who not only hostessed a blood drive in LA but also collected food and clothes for the victims of the Haiti tragedy. Not only are these ladies absurdly attractive (obvious), terrifyingly talented (obvious), but they also have hearts of gold (still beating from someone's chest). Even though WiH month ends tonight, the need for help in Haiti does not. You can still join these heavy-hearted horror babes, here is everything you need to know. Now go get your charity-on~!

Around the world, WiH Month got female-fueled film fests fiercely on the forefront. Two of such festivals had our precious grindhouse, dark comedy flick, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK in their lineups-- the fests being 'The Ghouls on Film Fest' in Birmingham, West Midlands UK-- Hostessed by horror heroine Nia Edwards-Behi-- and 'The Damnation Books Pretty Scary BloodBath Film Fest' in Addison, Texas USA-- organized by power couple extraordinaire Andrew and Dione Rose.

'The Ghouls on Film Fest' took place last last Saturday (February 20th) and 'The Damnation Books Pretty Scary Bloodbath Film Fest' took place last Saturday (February 27th). It humbles this twisted twosome immensely with the comments and feedback that we have received from those in attendance. We made this film because we have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the genre. To go from where we started as fans to creating our own films, it was our greatest ambition. All the love and support we've received makes us feel like the luckiest girls in the world. And we really are. Thank you for digging the film, thank you for requesting it in additional cities and festivals, and thank you for making us a part of your WiH Month celebrations. Thank you from the bottom of our twisted little hearts. Thank you to everyone who made the first WiH month a massive success.

See you at the next one, boys and girls!

~Jen and Sylv

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