Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bleedfest Schedule

"Put together by writer/director/producer/actor/all around kickass person Elisabeth Fies, Bleedfest is an all day film fest spotlighting amazing genre films directed by women. If you are in the LA area or can make the trek from surrounding inhabitations, I highly encourage you to attend this Sunday. You'll be supporting some truly incredible and original independent horror films. Not to mention, the participants involved are genuinely good people.

A blurb along with a rundown of the day's festivities is as follows:

'Come support AMAZING genre films by lady directors! If you don't live in LA, please pass this invite on to cool people who do!! Only $10 for all day admission! Free parking on side streets. There will be DVD giveaways as well as opportunities to meet the filmmakers and support them by purchasing DVDs and merchandise.'"
~Cortez the Killer

SCHEDULE: Sunday, July 18th

12:00 pm IN MEMORIUM written and directed by Amanda Gusack. Psychological horror (2005): 71 minutes.

1:20 SIMONE (short) written and directed by Jenine Mayring. Psychological thriller (2009): 9 minutes.

1:30 Q&A with Jenine Mayring

1:45 DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK written and directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska. Grindhouse (2009): 92 minutes.

3:15 Q&A with Soska Twins (all the way down from Canada!!)

3:45 THE COMMUNE written and directed by Elisabeth Fies. Psychological thriller (2009): 91 minutes.

5:15 Q&A with Elisabeth Fies

5:30 NETWORKING DINNER next door at Aroma's.

For more information, check out the event's webernets page:

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