Monday, July 12, 2010

Slammed & Damned unleashes Twisted Twins Week

"It's the most disturbing feel-good movie I've ever seen. Funny, violent, gory, unsettling, gratuitous, excessive, and kick-ass, the flick the Soska twins have delivered is the unlikely combination of utterly derivative and wholly original. At various points, I was amazed, amused, appalled, grossed out, disgusted, delighted, confused and restless - but never bored. It's nice to know that women can make a film that is as bizarre and fucked up as anything made by a male. it also disproves the conception that all Canadians are nice and normal." ~Theron Neel,

Beautiful words from very talented writer and reviewer Theron Neel. Look familiar? These words have graced the "MAYHEM TRAILER" for DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. As you can see, it was hard to pick only a few words.

Theron Neel, of, Slammed & Damned: The Modern Day Horror Review, was kind enough to review the first cut of DHIAT. As many indie film makers out there well know, getting your film seen is no easy task. We were so happy that Theron wanted to see the film and were absolutely floored when the review came out. Twisted Twins Week is an incredible honor that leaves us speechless and honored and overwhelmed.

Treat yourselves to a little perusal of the site, HERE
. And stay tuned for the week of reveals including a review of the slick and sexy new cut of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK premiering in LA at Bleedfest with the MAYHEM TRAILER premiering at Viscera.

Stay tuned to for Twisted Twins week and check in on our blog as we travel via wicked road trip down to LA!!

Bloodiest of best, friends!

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