Saturday, June 04, 2011

Brand Spanking New Brutal As Hell Interview with the Twisted Twins

"Canada has given us some great things over the years: David Cronenberg; Neil Young; a place for America’s draft-dodgers to go. And now, Canada gives us one of the most exciting independent filmmaking teams around right now, Jen and Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions." ~Ben Bussey, BRUTAL AS HELL

Ben Bussey is an outstanding writer for BRUTAL AS HELL and he has one particular trait that really makes me respect him.

The first time he had heard of us, he wasn't sold. Much like a cat, when we hear that someone doesn't quite see us as "their cup of tea", I like the person all the more. I hope for the opportunity to win them over. One thing that I've heard come up again and again from reviewers when they watch DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is that they are surprised at how good it is. And that's more than fair.

"But allow me to convince you."

Ben was kind enough to give the film a go and take the time to have a little chat with us. We thoroughly enjoyed talking with him and here's the delicious interview that ensued.

Ben also did his homework. He asked us something no one's ever asked us about that we've just been dying to talk about. That can only be ONE thing, boys and grrls...

That's right.

But enough blabbing on my account. Get the FULL ARTICLE AND INTERVIEW with BRUTAL AS HELL's Ben Bussey and we Twisted Twins HERE!

Bloody Best!

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