Friday, June 03, 2011

Our Top Ten Favorite Kills surface at Sam Ashurst's House Of Horror

Sam Ashurst is the man.

He is also Total Film's resident cult horror expert. Every week, he and his House of Horror dissect the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases, uncover hidden gore gems, and rummage through his VHS collection to bring you some of the most bafflingly beautiful video covers from the '80s.

This week, his "Sam Ashurst's House Of Horror: Zombie cops, Mutant Warthogs and Deadly Orcs" piece brandishes another extra little nugget of awesome.

Bloody murder at its best in the form of our Top Ten Favorite All Time Kills.

As much as I'd just LOVE to spoil the surprise I'll show you but one image from one kill...

Damn. That's some good stuff. And I'm sure we all know the film it's from, right?

For the FULL TOP TEN KILL LIST and Sam's latest cuts, discoveries, and reviews, feast your eyes RIGHT HERE!!

Please enjoy!

And if you see a scene here from a film you haven't seen, please do check it out. There are some REAL goodies there. You won't be disappointed. This Twisted Twosome promises.

And thank you so much to Sam for chatting with us once more! You rock!

Bloody Best!

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