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LOS ANGELES, CA- American Horrors CEO and An American Horror Story author, Hart D. Fisher, has announced that his 24 hour UNCUT horror channel, American Horrors will launch at noon Pacific Time on Sunday October 2nd as part of FilmOn's basic tier of channels.

"Adding American Horrors to our worldwide FilmOn platform will satisfy the horror fan who's looking for more entertainment, more depth, more edge in their favorite genre," said FilmOn's Chairman and CEO, Alki David, "and we are pleased to add fear in the mix of this new digital age of entertainment."

American Horrors launches Sunday, October 2nd with it's own original slate of programming (Conversations With Fear, Burl Barer & Don Woldman's True Crimes, Steve Johnson's Rubber Rules, American Horrors), the best new horror from the web (Fright Asylum, THIS WEEK IN HORROR, the award winning zombie series 8.13) and all of your favorite lost treasures from yesteryear on Saturday Fright Special (a trip back in time to 1960s and 1970s television, with public domain films, intermission reels, PSAs, commercials and all kinds of other nostalgia from bygone days).

American Horrors joins industry brand names such as BBC News, Universal Sports and more as part of FilmOn's basic line up of channels that are available to subscribers for a $7.95 monthly fee (purchase a full year at $79.95 and receive two months free). FilmOn allows viewers to stream live TV on their Mac or PC computers, iPads/tablets, smart phones & mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc., etc.) and has just recently launched the world's first AP breaking 24 hour news channel.

For more information or questions please contact the American Horrors offices at (323) 474-6963 or email at or or check us out on the web at

Link to FilmOn Commercial:

Mr. Fisher on Larry King:

About American Horrors:

Headed by The Scariest Man in America, Hart D. Fisher, American Horrors is a multi-faceted genre specific horror entertainment company that will be launching it's new 24 hour horror TV channel on the FilmOn platform. Mr. Fisher is the writer director of the feature film, The Garbage Man, and the author of Poems for the Dead, Still Dead and the much maligned Jeffrey Dahmer biography comic books. Mr. Fisher has been featured on Larry King Live, CNN Headline News, Entertainment Tonight, within the pages of Time Magazine, People Magazine, The A to Z Guide to Serial Killers and most recently as a guest of the SXSW Film Festival.


Even surrounded by coffins, bats, a life-sized Frankenstein statue and legendary fright-meister artist Bernie Wrightson, Fisher's the scariest thing in the room." -Wizard Magazine: The Guide To Comics

There is precious little that outlaw filmmaker Hart D. Fisher hasn't accomplished.

He is a successful horror author, a critically acclaimed poet (Poems for the Dead), a gifted filmmaker with a knack for doing the impossible (producing & editing the critically acclaimed Flowers on the Razorwire feature film with a blind director), a cutting edge music video director who has worked with international death metal legends Obituary, kings of black metal Dark Funeral and metal superstar Glenn Danzig. Most recently Mr. Fisher was a guest of the 2011 South by Southwest as a featured panel speaker for the Reel Murder: From Crime Scene to Big Screen panel with multi-platinum selling musician Phil Anselmo, Ami Canaan Mann, Steve Mims, and best selling true crime author Corey Mitchell.

The Garbage Man is an intelligent horror-drama that is well worth blowing chunks over, this is one audacious bastard of a serial killer-Rue Morgue Magazine
Not satisfied with that, Mr. Fisher has committed himself to conquering the horror industry with his new multi-platform horror entertainment company, American Horrors. In May 2011, Mr. Fisher entered into a worldwide licensing agreement with FilmOn to launch American Horrors as a new uncut 24 hour horror television channel as part of FilmOn's basic tier of channels.

If comics have a pantheon of saints with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Denny O'Neill, and the like on one end, then Hart Fisher is the Devil.” -The No Fly Zone/

With a long and controversial career which began in comic books, where Fisher discovered such talents as Gerard Way (lead singer for the chart-topping rock band My Chemical Romance); John Cassaday (Captain America) and political essayist Stephen Elliott (a regular contributor for the San Francisco Chronicle, award-winning novelist and child protection advocate) among others, Fisher has carved out a fierce reputation and was dubbed 'The Most Dangerous Man in Comics.' (Hero Illustrated, 1994.) First put on the map by writing and publishing the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer comic book series, Mr. Fisher went on to write and publish books that would garner the young creator the ire of Milwaukee Brewing with the Jeffrey Dahmer: Milwaukee's Best t-shirts, the fear of Image Comics founders Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefield, and Jim Lee with the release of Kill Image and even a lawsuit from OJ Simpson over the Doin' Time With OJ and OJ's Big Bust Out books.

Hart is one of the most controversial figures ever in the

Fisher's opinions on serial killers and serial killer culture have been sought by numerous television producers for programs such as ABC's Day1, CNN's Murder By Numbers documentary, Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, The Jerry Springer Show, The Bertice Berry Show, CNN Headline News, A&E's Biography, American Scary, American Justice, on the radio with Crime Prevention 101 and True Crimes and in magazines such as Time, Tattoo Savage, Hero Illustrated, People, The Comics Journal, the non-fiction best seller The A-Z Guide to Serial Killers and many more.

His story is one of the most unique in American comics publishing history. -

Fisher began his art career as the publisher behind Boneyard Press, a ferociously independent publishing house that has garnered coverage all over the world, in Japan (Words), Germany (Ego Magazine), England (The Sun) and brought the mass media (as well as protest marchers) to his door thanks to books such as Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer, Rush Limbaugh Must Die, Dark Angel, Kill Marvel and Jeffrey Dahmer vs. Jesus Christ. Fisher's two collections of poetry (Poems for the Dead & Still Dead) were both carried in the Hot Topic chain of boutiques.

I've always said that poetry was for people who weren't hard enough to write prose, and most of it makes me throw it against a wall, but Poems for the Dead kicked my guts out.-Warren Ellis/Red

Twice, Hero Illustrated placed Mr. Fisher in their 100 Most Important People In The Comics Industry list, and rock star Glenn Danzig hired Fisher to be the managing editor for his publishing company, Verotik, which Mr. Fisher promptly steered to the height of its popularity and controversy, when Mr. Fisher and co-author Christian Moore's story for Verotika #4, "A Taste of Cherry" was banned in Oklahoma on the grounds that it was obscene material and is banned in that state to this day. Never one to shy away from outrageous showmanship, Fisher has faked his own death for April Fool's Day (he was dead for a week before the hoax was uncovered by a pairing of The Comics Journal and The Comic's Buyers Guide), spit in the eye of industry goliath Marvel Comics (at the San Diego ComiCon Fisher printed up hundreds of black t-shirts proclaiming that "Marvel Can Suck My Cock”-- The shirts sold out instantly and dogged the larger comics publisher at comics conventions for years after going onto be declared the most controversial t-shirt in comics history) and has proven he has a gift for stirring up controversy that sells his products by the truckload.

"Hart has proven he has talent and there is a market out there for queasy, uneasy, in-yo'-face, material.-Tattoo Savage Magazine

Mr. Fisher has been a paid feature speaker around the world (including a headlining role at the Festival of Fantasy & Terror in Mexico City, sharing a building with the President of Mexico at the time, Vincente Fox), and has spoken publicly about American poetry, team building, leadership development, and all things horror. Mr. Fisher is currently the subject of a new documentary, The Scariest Man in America, and his first feature film, The Garbage Man is available on DVD and Netflix.

You can see more of Mr. Fisher's news clips, music videos and more on his Youtube channel that has received more than Half a Million Plays and counting at


"As we build and brand our thematic channels we are very careful about the companies we allow to program content in the streams. Hart D. Fisher presents very unique products that are naturals for compelling content and shows. We look forward to a long and prosperous association as we market the channels around the world." -Carol Davis/Executive/Global Broadcasting & Syndication, Inc.

This is exactly the kind of programming this distribution network is designed to highlight - unique, interesting and very Americana. We are proud to have the American Horrors content on our channels.” -Music Media Founder/Henk Van Meer

…poetry is a tough medium to work with, the most subjective perhaps of all the arts. Fisher's poetry does not transcend that but rather shouts and writhes from its own corner of a sad bleak world. people that have never seen the dark side of the zero may not relate but if you read poetry hoping to understand, if you like words chisled like an expensive sculpture stolen from a hidden museum, then this book will get in your bones and stay there.-Stephen Elliott/The Adderall Diaries

Hart Fisher has the talent to put more power in a single sentence than other authors can put in a whole chapter… His writing is so intense one can visualize, feel, smell and taste it.-Manoush Marcia V/La Petite Mort

Be excited, boys and grrls. Be very excited.

Bloody Best!

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