Monday, September 19, 2011

Ravenous Monster's Justin Hamelin DHIAT Review and Twisted Twins Interview

"‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’ is as faithful a nod to the classic grindhouse films as anything the film community has seen since the 1970s. The title alone should make just about any horror or indie fan grin like a madman (or woman). This movie has everything needed to become a timeless cult classic – gore, foul language, beautiful women, guns, awesome special effects and fight scenes, and hello? A DEAD HOOKER…In a trunk! To say this film has some legit street cred in the industry is a gross understatement. It’s what happens when professionals are approached by dedicated filmmakers with an infectious energy." ~Justin Hamelin, RAVENOUS MONSTER

Ravenous Monster is a fucking cool site.

Officially, Ravenous Monster is a webzine that delivers the latest horror news, reviews, interviews, and analysis. Born of a love for the all mighty horror flick, Ravenous Monster also covers books, comics, music, and games. They seek to expose the bloody best the genre has to offer to the legions of horror fans out there!

And we love that.

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with one of their brilliant writers, Justin Hamelin. It was our absolute pleasure to speak with him and the interview itself? Well, boys and grrls, let's just say it was epic. It will be coming VERY soon and featured in two delectable portions on Ravenous Monster. And we just can't wait.

But fear not, you won't be waiting long and we, in fact, have a tasty morsel of an appetizer for you all. Justin was not only kind enough to talk the time to chat with us, but he has also reviewed our first born baby, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. The film review is wicked awesome and will get you damn excited for the interview.

"Blood flies at a wonderful rate, the death toll suffices, and the stunts are jaw dropping. The buddy who watched this with me literally applauded following a confrontation between Sylvia’s character and the cowboy pimp. Twists and turns are at every corner and by the time the end credits begin to roll, I am willing to bet you will have a grin from ear to ear on your face, just like I did." ~Justin Hamelin, RAVENOUS MONSTER

I wish we had been there with them.


And thank you most humbly to Justin for taking the time to not only get in touch with us, but to review the film and interview us Twisted Twins. Can't wait for next time.

Bloody Best!

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