Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Podcast with our Ma and Char Hardin

Last year we had our very first Girl's Night Out Podcast with Char Hardin. At that time, we chatted about the immense amount of shit our mom took then threw back at the teachers and principal at elementary school who didn't think it was 'appropriate' for her daughters to be reading Stephen King as ten year olds. Reading is reading and having these stories to read and being able to talk about the content with our ma was a very sweet bonding experience. So, Char thought it would be a rad idea to have a Mother's Day podcast.

Fast forward to today - we did our Mother's Day podcast with our beloved Ma and Char! It was incredibly fun especially to celebrate Mother's Day in this way. I owe a lot to mother for the person that I grew up to be, we were very lucky to have someone who stood by our strangeness and supported us to become the women we are today.

Check the rad podcast here!

Thank you for this wicked awesome opportunity, Char! Thank you for checking out this podcast! Have a wickedly fucking awesome Mother-loving Mother's Day!!!


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