Thursday, May 03, 2012

Haunted Magazine Uncensored with the Twisted Twins

BIG, epic, sexy ass news, boys and grrls. Do you enjoy our Twisted Twins inane banter? Well, NATURALLY, "inane banter" is in the eye of the beholder and what about uncensored inane banter? Get ready for the mother load, as the Twisted Twins have joined forces with HAUNTED MAGAZINE, getting 4 pages of UNCENSORED bliss to speak about whatever we please. Our first piece is coming directly from the Cannes Film Festival. Sexy as hell? I think so.

But, wait, there's actually more....

Everyone who purchases the current issue of HAUNTED £1.69 for over 160 pages of the BEST paranormal and horror that you can shake a scary stick at and go Grrr.. and emails the paypal receipt back, mentioning the Soska Sisters gets a FULL years subscription to HAUNTED (normally £11.99) for just the price of one issue...

so all you gotta do is visit follow the instructions, when your email arrives for you to download the magazine, you email their receipt to mentioning the Soska Sisters and you get a FULL years subscription.

Get ready, darlings. Something wicked this way comes...

Jen and Sylv

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  1. Oh my dears- I so did this- so now- this wicked awesome interview- and a free year!!! TY !!