Saturday, June 02, 2012

Holy Peaches Christ at Cannes!

I love Peaches Christ. Sensational performer and artist - and now, from personal experience meeting at the Cannes Film Festival - one of the coolest people I have had the pleasure of meeting in this crazy world. And having the sincere honour to have at our AMERICAN MARY worldwide market premiere screening.
"I've just returned from the Cannes Film Festival where I saw loads of movies and went to glamorous red-carpet premieres! I felt completely out-of-place amongst all the fanciness and was even a little worried I'd just sorta stand out as a rube, but luckily I fooled those frogs. I really fooled 'em! I even got to walk the Palais red-carpet at the famous Lumiere Theatre wearing formal attire to attend the premiere of horror legend Dario Argento's new movie Dracula 3D, which is a total hoot. The best movie I saw while I was there was something called Beasts Of The Southern Wild. It is sooooooo good and sooooo beautiful and the wee little child actress who plays the lead, "Hushpuppy", is incredible. Definitely go see this movie when it hits theaters soon. Loved it!!! I also saw some fun horror movies like American Mary and Excision and I stayed in a villa with mice that Roman Polanski stayed in for four consecutive years. The whole experience was tres bien!" -Peaches Christ

If you can make it to the show, you simply must see Peaches' SILENCE OF THE TRANS show. And then message and tell me all about it. Dying to see it. For those of you being firstly introduced to Peaches Christ through this post, you are very welcome and enjoy!


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