Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dan Dillard interviews the Twisted Twins

If you don't already know horror writer Dan Dillard you should know that he is rad.

Very rad. And hilarious, too. As a writer he describes himself as more of a "typer" as the pen to the page is a long forgotten art form in these modern times. His books are equal parts wicked and awesome and include titles such as LUNACY, HOW TO EAT A HUMAN BEING, DEMONS AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES, and THE UNAUTHORIZED AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ETHAN JACOBS. His work is wonderful and I do fancy a man who knows how to throw down one badass title.

"Title is so important. I know people who have seen the movie, bought the T-shirt, or put the bumper sticker on their car based on title alone. I have met producers who have just loved the title and I ask them what they thought of the movie and they reply that they haven't seen the movie. I tell them that it is good. And they reply doesn't matter with a title that good. It's true. A standout title is a great way to grab people's attention, especially when you don't have all the bells and whistles that big studios have to pimp their projects." ~ Sylv

We recently had the pleasure of chatting, well, typing to one another in one of the coolest interviews we've ever had the pleasure of taking part in.

Check out the interview in FULL RIGHT HERE.

And do take the time to check out our interviewer, author of awesome, Dan Dillard and his work RIGHT HERE.

*Do you have a creative process or is it more organic, taking a life of its own?

S: All our lives, we have been avid video gamers, comic book fans, and horror movie lovers. When the game or comic or movie was over - we would make up what might happen next or what might be cool if it also happened. Reimagining our favourite characters or made up characters in different situations and stories. We would draw them out. We would always be doing that sort of thing. It was just daydreaming, silly stuff, until we went into writing and directing - it seemed like a useless talent, now it's something that really aided us in being creative. A lot of our stories take on their own lives - there are two characters in MARY that just kept popping up and taking a larger role than initially intended. I like that organic feeling and Jen and I practically share a brain, so the initial creative part is really fun for us.

J: We've been making up stories our whole lives. It comes pretty naturally. Things inspire us. A definite part of the writing process is to entertain one another. More times than I can remember, I'll get onto my turn for writing and read over Sylv's last bit and just be all like, "DUDE! What the fuck?". But it's a good "what the fuck".

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