Monday, July 30, 2012

There's Something About The Mary Trailer

"There’s this part in Vegas Vacation, yeah, just roll with it for a second, where Clark tells Eddie exactly how much he’s lost in Vegas. The subsequent chortles, shock, laughter, you name it, is how I left watching Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska’s latest creation. Not to be outdone by the gonzo that was Dead Hooker in a Trunk, this one looks to put an even finer polish on a genre pic that better deliver based on the promises it’s making with its trailer." 
The last process of making a film includes being an editing room, being in a sound mix, being locked away from the world, in the dark, focusing the the final aspects of the creation of the film. Then you're back in the world and shortly, your film will follow you. First as a trailer, then festival screenings; you finally get to see how people react to the film.

The above is an excerpt of the reaction of Slashfilm's Christopher Stipp on the new trailer of AMERICAN MARY. He digs what he's seeing and you should check out his whole review here because the digging is mutual.
"It’s, honestly, nothing but fun and I think some of that is to due to the fact that it knows exactly what it is and embraces it."
Fucking rights. Glad you thought so, sir.


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