Sunday, March 03, 2013

American Mary Posters For Your Home

Ladies and gents, interested in the stylishly rad Monster Pictures Australia American Mary poster, weigh in and get your own Mary for your wall. 

"We have had a lot of requests for American Mary posters! We have been trying to get a an affordable system off the ground for a while now, (so you guys don't have to pay with your 1st borns for small run printing) and we though't we try and run a pozible, if you donated 20 bucks you'd get the a1 sized poster (and we'd make up poster/DVD packs for higher donations, some signed stuff etc) Would you guys be interested in donating so we can get American Mary posters going? Or would you rather just pay more (50+) and we print on demand?"
Meme by KOM, James Thorpey

Let them know here.


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