Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Sunday at The Rio - BE THERE!!

Whatcha doing this Sunday? Cool, cool. So if it isn't going to the double billing screening at The Rio Theatre this Sunday to seeREPO! THE GENETIC OPERA + THE DEVILS CARNIVAL + Q&A with Director! Darren Lynn Bousman, Terrance Zdunich, and Saar Hendelman - cancel those plans and come join in the awesome instead.

"REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA + THE DEVILS CARNIVAL Plus Q&A with Director and co creators! Darren Bousman Director, Terrance Zdunich (actor and writer), and Saar Hendelman (co-composer)

Sunday March 24th 7pm

VIP Ringmaster - Meet and Greet plus Double bill $42 advance
Sinner - Double Bill $22 advance

7pm - 745: VIP meet and greet in the theater with 50 audience members

Doors 7:45pm The Devil's Carnival 8 PM

9pm: Q & A // Live Performance

REPO! The Genetic Opera 10pm"

This is an experience that cannot be downloaded. An excuse to go out and do something fun with a cool crowd. Costumes are encouraged, the venue is licensed with fabulous booze, you get to experience the films with the artists that made it possible, and be there for the live performance and Q & A portions. 

I've seen these guys before and they are what's cool about the genre. They're the kind of people you want to come out and support at this kind of screening. Let's show them that Vancouver digs their artist and their art by making this a killer attendance. 

Also, JenTristan Risk, and I will be there for the merry hijinks and there all night. We want to see your pretty faces there. Please tell your cool friends, get bums in those seats, and let's show Sunday Night what the fuck is up when you come to Vancouver!


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