Friday, October 28, 2011

Bloodshots, Twins, and More Twins!!

Feeling a little evil? Well, it is that time of year. Speaking of evil - allow me to introduce you to the very talented Evil Patrick Shannon who used his powers to make our blue steel shine. Why Evil? Clickity click right here for a side trip into his rad filmmaking and photography stylings.

We were lucky enough to be able to attend last night's BLOODSHOTS screenings at the fabulous Rio Theater in Vancouver. But what is BLOODSHOTS? Allow me...

"As hundreds of DV filmmakers the world over have already learned, making a short film in one weekend can be terrifying.
Lack of sleep is just the beginning of your problems when you are trying to corral actors into repeating their performance with more energy at 5 in the morning and you know you have only got another 6 hours to get a final edit of your masterpiece put together. Well, start brewing your coffee now, because the people who brought you Vancouver’s CINEMUERTE FILM FESTIVAL (1999-2005) are getting set to bring you the 8th annual BloodShots 48-Hour Horror Filmmaking Contest – 25 Teams of filmmakers all fighting against the clock to make the best horror film they possibly can. There will be celebrity judges, fabulous prizes and several tons of fake blood!

In 2009, we did compete in the BLOODSHOTS and it was a fucking trip. I had a great time - first time we collaborated with Miss Paula Lindberg who would go on to be our Ruby RealGirl in upcoming AMERICAN MARY. Here it is for a boo or two -- BADGIRLS --

We didn't win, the silence in the room was deafening - but I take that as a compliment. That year's competitors to beat were CHLOE AND ATTIE - starring my new favorite pair of twins, Joyce and Jacqueline Robbins, and JACK - made my friends that almost always kick my ass in these fast film projects.

Both are excellent shorts and please click on them to see their horrifically awesome, very different takes on the genre.

So there was a suggestion that we double mint girls - the four of us - should collaborate and I think that's a fucking fantastic idea. You can never have enough twins and these ladies are talented as all holy hell! Keep an eye for them.

Their BLOODSHOT - CHLOE AND ATTIE - is turning into a feature, there was a Kickstarter that passed very successfully - but if you ever want to put money into helping finance a film, pick this one because it will be fucking epic.


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