Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ravenous Monster's Justin Hamelin Interviews the Twisted Twins

When we say we that the people that dig our work are our reason for getting up in the morning we're not just saying it because it's a nice thing to say. We damn well mean it.

It's a dream come true for a couple of hopeless horror nerds to be creating their own stories and sharing them with the world. What's even cooler is that people like it and we love them for it. It quite literally makes our days to hear from people who have seen DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK or are asking about AMERICAN MARY. And I know I will always be just as excited to hear from anyone who has been so good as to check out our shit and tell their friends.

I was so happy to hear from one Justin Hamelin of RAVENOUS MONSTER. He had seen DHIAT and loved it. Clearly, he's a man of taste. He wanted to chat with us and we're were more than excited for the opportunity to talk with him. And he got in touch with us just before we went into heavy pre-production on MARY and thus have had to shut up for a while (probably for the first time in our lives). That, to us, proved it was meant to be.

Justin is a wicked awesome writer and a truly kick ass human being. He has reviewed our beloved first born baby, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. If you missed out on that, I, as always, have got you covered. Here is his FULL REVIEW OF DHIAT.

And, onto the main course, may I present to you PART ONE OF OUR RAVENOUS MONSTER INTERVIEW.

Stay tuned for Part Two.

And may I just extend our sincere thanks to Justin for taking the time to drop us a line and talk with us. Not to mention, thank you for checking out DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK in the first place.

Bloody Best!


  1. It was my pleasure! You two are fantastic and I will always support anything and everything Twisted!!!!!

  2. Great interview! You two are just awesome! :)