Sunday, October 30, 2011

Master Gio Plays 16 Questions with the Twisted Twins

"I reviewed the amazing Dead Hooker in a Trunk last month and was blown away by it. I greatly admired the work put into by the two talented and beautiful film making twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, who wore multiple hats in front of and behind the camera. It was such a pleasure to talk to the both of them. They talked to me about making this kick ass flick, their love for horror and movie making, and even talk a little about their highly anticipated second movie American Mary as well as lots other exciting and cool things. As a matter of fact, after conducting this interview my admiration for them grew even more." -Master Gio

When we started making DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, a lot of it was to entertain one another. We had felt so bored by what was in theaters for entertainment and longed for the vast, gory, insanity that we grew up on. After so many ho-hum flicks hitting the big screen, the multi-collaborative GRINDHOUSE was announced and we waited anxiously for the release. We were at the theater with all our friends for the first midnight screening - we were not disappointed.

The film and its fake trailers changed our lives by inspiring us to make our own balls to the wall fake trailer and that was the start. Our greatest ambition was that people would watch the film and be able to turn their brains off and have a wild thrill ride. One of happiest moments I have is when someone has seen the film and contacted me about what a good time they had watching it. Enter Master Gio -

"I'm a freelance writer based in New York, as well as a life long horror film and metal fan. I also enjoy video games, pro-wrestling, MMA (though I don't really talk about that in this blog, cause I feel there are others better at doing that), superheroes, Star Wars, Transformers, BSG, James Bond, and other geeky stuff. Of course, I love beautiful women, in particular Asian women. I have an undying love for porn and porn stars."

My kind of guy. It was a very kind and generous offer when Gio, after reviewing the film, asked if we would like to have a chat. Naturally, the answer was a resounding yes - in stereo. Now, it's a very cool interview and I don't want to give too much away, but here's a delicious morsel to get you hungry for more --

How does one exactly go about directing themselves in a movie?

Sylvia: Jen and I can be so brutal to one another, but we are best friends, so when we talk creatively - we don't bullshit one another. If I think something is shit, I tell her so. It's nice to not have to sugar coat things. She's an excellent actress - she's auditioned against me a lot and they usually cast her instead, ha ha. As for Badass, I wanted her to be like the badass heroes I grew up watching. She was my version of El.

But there are disadvantages to not being solely behind the camera, sometimes things get overlooked when you're not there overseeing everything. For that reason and a few others, we'll be stepping back from acting to focus on writing and directing. We have a pretty fun final cameo in our upcoming AMERICAN MARY.

Jen: Oh, I'm very hard on myself, ha ha. You check the monitor after the fact a whole lot. I'm a bit too in my own head when I act usually, but I found that with so many other things to be focused on, I didn't get caught up in all that. I think I'm a better actor because of it, which is a bit too bad as after we have a brief cameo in AMERICAN MARY we will be retiring from acting.

Sylv is great to direct. You don't have to worry about her not wanting to do something, she's always game. We like to say, "anything for the shot."

Please click this link to the full piece and enjoy! Also, if Master Gio's interests seem similar to yours, please do creep on his blog Lots of fun, fascinating, and entertaining things there. Thank you for reading and much more mayhem to come!


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  1. It was a such a pleasure to interview you girls! I look forward to all your future work and thank you so much for posting this, here! :)