Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kristian Hanson, The Craptastic Writer, Makes Our New Year

In this business, true friends are hard to come by. There's a shit ton of bullshit out there and you get fed it by the heaping spoonfuls if you're not careful to recognize it early on.

When my hetero life mate, Sylv, started trash talking a Black Hawks fan, I never suspected in the least it would build into one of the truest and greatest friendships we've ever had. Kristian Hanson, the Craptastic Writer, and father/creator of my now betrothed and beloved Assly (, is a profoundly talented writer, reviewer, and friend. He is one of those rare people who refuses to settle and chases after his dreams despite all the nay sayers out there and we respect the hell out of him for it.

We met in the flesh this past October in LA during the Aliens To Zombies Convention (seriously, if you missed that insanely awesome weekend chalk full of the most talented effects artists to ever crawl the Earth make DAMN sure you'll be there next year, I know we will be). Not only did he take us around LA, which is something, believe it or not, we never get to do as we're always booked solid with business, he and his beautiful now missus, Fernanda, brought us to meet Clive fucking Barker and Bryan 'Tate' Steinsiek. We got to see the Universal Walk, chug Duff energy "beers", eat at Bubba Gump Shrimps, and see the outstanding New Bev Cinema , owned by everyone's favorite stylish badass film genius Tarantino, where DHIAT got to rock.

Totally selfless, supportive, and never one to give you a "where-have-you-been-I-don't-care-if-you're-filming-you-have-to-see-what-my-cat-did-today-you're-such-a-shit-friend" message, we love him and Fernanda and ALL the Craptastic Puppets that each deserve a place in a horror history museum more than words can say. Even if he IS a Black Hawks fan. Let's face it, no one's perfect ;)

He's started our New Years off with a happy explosion of awesome-y awesome-ness with this gore~geous Examiner article. Read the full meal deal right HERE.

Thank you, Kristian. We cannot wait to share AMERICAN MARY with you.

Happy fucking New Year, you wicked awesome bastard, you~!!

Bloody Best!

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