Friday, December 30, 2011

Stolen Peek at American Mary

So, I was walking between set while we were filming AMERICAN MARY and I saw this guy at the end of the street. I love and know my cast and crew very well and thought, whose this dude, never seen him before, then rushed off to do something else. My favourite is the picture of Jen looking directly at him wondering the same thing.

He was snapping some shots for this site - - and although we are keeping the word on the film mute until a full on press assault of everything to do with the flick upcoming the first festival screening, I can't help but be a little flattered that someone would come onto set to get a couple pictures of Jen and me looking rather goth in a normal directing attire. It's all badass, boys and girls. Here are the pics for those of you that missed it!

That's Owen Pierson, our hair stylist and hugely fucking talented guy, and Nikki Simpson, our uber awesome Swing Hair and Makeup, and I love them very very much. They did a fabulous job on the flick! Here's the link to's original article, those cheeky monkeys.


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