Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twisted Twins rock on in The Province


It's a very festive time for all with that whole Christmas thing going full speed ahead since the day after our much beloved Halloween season came to an end. And today is a VERY special day. Three years ago, on December 11th, we incorporated our company, Twisted Twins Productions.

We've come a loooong bloody way to get to where we are and we have to thank from the very bottoms of our Twisted little hearts the friends, family, friends who have become family, fans, crew, and cast that we've had the esteemed pleasure of having in our lives. We are incredibly humbled to be doing what we love and cannot thank you all enough for the kindness, support, and belief you've had in us and our work.

And we promise we're just getting started...

And what better way to celebrate this gore~geous day than from the set of our new beast, AMERICAN MARY. Glen Schaefer of the Province was kind enough to come visit us on set. He's one of the few to have been on location of our newest film that we've been extremely tight lipped about.

Please enjoy the FULL STORY right here!

And check out the on set video RIGHT HERE!

If you're a fellow Vancouver-ite, go grab yourself a copy!!

And thank you all~!! We fuckin' LOVE you and cannot wait to share AMERICAN MARY with the world.

Bloody Best!
Jen and Sylv

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