Thursday, July 04, 2013

Plenty of Horror Talks to the Twisted Twins

Plenty Of Horror- What attracted you to horror initially? 

S: I can't remember ever not being attracted to it. We were drawn to things that others weren't. I remember playing with spiders my whole life. Once as a child at a BBQ, I showed a nice garden spider that I was playing with to family friends and I could see the horror on their faces. They ran off and screamed. I didn't understand why that happened, but it fascinated me. What frightens people still fascinates me.

J: I don't remember a time not being into horror. It just kind of chose us. Our parents always encouraged our interests and they just leaned towards horror. Our mum had and still has this massive collection of Stephen King novels. She was very clever in the way she allowed us to read them. She said if we read the novel, we could watch the film. This jump started our reading in a life changing way. In Elementary School, we'd sit there and read with our King novels and dictionaries and thesauruses. We were reading at a highschool level fast. I blame my mum and mister King for our sense of humor as well. I feel that good horror has to have elements of comedy to them. If you can't laugh at something awful, you're going to have a very hard time in life.

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