Saturday, July 13, 2013

Turkish Interview with the Twisted Twins

Wicked awesome and brand spanking new interview from me and Sylvia Soska!! In both Turkish and English! Please enjoy! Thank you, Tolga, for the interview :)

Tolga Demirtaş: You have a horror film intensive filmography? Will you keep going on directing horror movies and do you think making more mainstream films?

Sylvia Soska: I’m not very good with being mainstream. I think mainstream films in this era and this part of the world are far too safe and do not have any sort of reason to exist. I can’t create something that doesn’t have greater meaning, so there will be issues that we tackle in all of our films that we feel need a dialogue or that promote thought. I am a big prosthetics advocate, so you’ll see us continuing to collaborate with Masters FX even if the work isn’t a conventional horror or horror at all.

Jen Soska: No matter what we do, no matter what genre we work in, there will always be elements of horror in our work. It’s so much a part of who we are. Horror is also a genre with so many delicious sub genres. There’s monster movies, there’s sci-fi, there’s found footage, there’s serial killers, there’s paranormal, there’s demons, there’s horror musicals… the possibilities are just endless and I don’t know if we could ever be happy not making a film in each and every subgenre that horror has to offer.

Please enjoy the FULL INTERVIEW below…


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