Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Twisted Twins DVD Forum Interview "American Mary" is your second movie and the first one to be distributed worldwide and shown in the US-theatres - did you ever expect such a successful launch?

Sylvia: I feel really lucky to have had such a tremendous amount of support with the new film. We had a limited theatrical with HOOKER, so theatrical was always a goal with MARY. The only reason why the film has gotten to where it is is because of the people who have stood by the film from the teams that allowed it to be the film we set out to make and the people around the world that have watched it, shared their thoughts on it, and gotten the word out. A film is only successful if people watch it and this release is allowing just that. It's an honor for us as filmmakers to have this opportunity.

Jen: I had nothing but faith in the response from the fans. I knew they'd "get it", but their out pour of support has us floored. The tattoos, the cosplaying, the fan art, the tribute videos, the photos, the screenings they've held, the girls who have cut their hair to look like Mary... it's just so much more than we could have even dreamed for. Our fans are just the best people in the planet. They're just better than everyone else. I love them so much. They're the reason we do what we do and they're the reason we get to keep doing what we do.


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