Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Doctor Is Ready For Her Examination

"The purpose of a teaser trailer is essentially two-fold. One part is to get word out to the public that the film is in prodution and on the way. The second part is to leave the viewer eager to learn more about the film featured in the teaser, to leave them wanting more!

The Soskas have indeed done just that with the teaser for American Mary. As I watched this, I kept hoping that we'd get to see a little more than we actually ended up being shown."
- Scott Ruth

The Examiner has been incredibly kind to us. Scott Ruth recently ranked DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK as #3 on his Top 20 Horror Movies of 2010 List as well as writing this wonderful piece about the film.

David Dreher was the first on the site to post about our new teaser for our upcoming new feature, AMERICAN MARY. I am horrified to read that his screener of DHIAT has been giving him trouble - if you are reading this, sir, please let me know if it plays in the new player because we would love to send you a behaving copy!

We are very thankful for the kindness and support from the site and its writers. I just saw the new piece delving further into the teaser written by Scott. There is a delicious morsel of it at the top of this post, but treat yourself to the whole decadent article here. Thank you so much for the support and kindness. Looking very forward to sharing MARY with all of you wonderful people!


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