Monday, December 06, 2010

Theron Neel gets a peek at American Mary

We love Theron Neel. Not only has this very talented gentleman been a long time supporter of this Twisted Twosome and our DEAD HOOKER, but he is an incredibly gifted writer, articulate, intelligent, and well spoken. He launched a FULL WEEK of Soska sisters goodness for us filled with interviews, reviews, and things both wicked and awesome.

If you're a stranger to his site, naughty, naughty. Go rectify that little inequity and treat yourself to some good old fashioned brilliance here.

He has recently begun writing for the insatiable FANGIRLTASTIC site, the sexy new site and name for PRETTY SCARY. It's run by the gore~geous and gifted Heidi Martinuzzi who also heads up the Viscera Film Festival with the lovely femme fatale Shannon Lark. They are, by the by, currently seeking submissions for the 2011 fest and you can submit your film here.

But I digress... I'll leave that to Holden Caulfield and get back to creamy juicy center of this blog...

Being a close personal friend as well as someone we respect in this business, we couldn't help but give Theron a sneak peek at the AMERICAN MARY teaser (being officially released THIS SATURDAY on our site!!) and a little insider info. What did we say when we unsealed our wicked lips? Well, you'll just have to give it a read to see....

Check out Theron's FULL ARTICLE here!!

It's almost AMERICAN MARY time, boys and grrls!! This Christmas, we're catering to the naughty AND the nice. Something wicked this way comes...

Look forward to hearing from you all this Saturday!


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