Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give a Little, Be a Hero


We are passionate about raising the visibility of indie genre movies by female filmmakers.

BleedFest Values: Empowerment, Partnership, Fun, Self-Expression

BleedFest fetes the women who love writing, producing, directing, and watching badass genre movies: horror, thriller, action, sci-fi, western, exploitation, B-movie, and erotica. We also screen a few male filmmakers who
have empowering and edgy female protagonists; their work screens out of competition and receives our "Partnership Award". Our mission is to spotlight these bold films and their fearless makers, and prove to the world that the derogatory term "chick flick" needs to be retired."

Bleedfest Film Festival is an extraordinary event that celebrates indie female film makers on a monthly basis - making it a great venue to showcase your work, meet follow film makers and industry professionals, and have bloody brilliant time (the open bar guarantees smiles even from the biggest of sour pusses). The festival - which showed DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK at its first event, then went on to show BADGIRLS at the second event - has been incredibly generous and supportive of our work and many other wonderful film makers. The festival started strictly horror, but with new interest it has expanded to include more genres. The festival heads - Elisabeth and Brenda Fies - have been putting on a fantastic film festival, but the need your help.

"We need $2000 to help towards the cost of renting our screening venue for the 1st Sunday in Jan. & Feb. We also would like to pay for the step and repeat banner we are providing for the event so that we can get publicity photos of the filmmakers published in the press. We have an amazing award designer who has offered us a fantastic price for our special Audience Award and Jury Award. And we would like to be able to provide each filmmaker who screens a framed certificate. Additional costs include the printing of a program, and the 11x17 posters to hang around town to get more awareness of BleedFest out there in Hollywood.

My sister Brenda and I have paid for the down payment towards the two month rental contract ourselves, so the January, and February screenings are going to happen no matter what... But we would like to provide the above so that this festival is well-attended and makes a difference in these overlooked female filmmakers' careers."

These are the type of women that are so passionate about film making and supporting other artists that they will put the needs of the festival first and foremost (and, as you read above, at their own expense) to make every monthly screening event a memorable and enjoyable one. When we were in town, these ladies treated us like family. This is a good cause to get behind and you not only get to help, but you there is also a list of thank-you gifts that you will receive from the Fies when you make a donation.

Please click here for full details, lists of pledge amounts and gifts, and where to donate.

Then give yourself a pat on the back. You have just been awarded ten cool guy points (and no one can ever take that away). Thank you to all the cool guys out there.


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