Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big, Round, Full, and Juicy Br... ains!

I adore this image for the upcoming Women In Horror Month, designed by the astonishingly, talent Alison Lilly. Breath it in, boys and girls. Brains are the new tits.

More brilliance to come. Get planning. Everyone can be a part of the celebration and recognition. Be the change you want to see in the world.

What is Women In Horror Month? It's a stereotype crushing celebration of women's contribution in one the most female-embracing genres we have. The brainchild of Ax Wound's Hannah Neurotica who started the event last year. It was been an incredible ride and we're not slowing down.

We, Twisted Twins, host a worldwide Massive Blood Drive last and every February that is to follow. It's simple, in February go make a donation at your local blood bank. Get a cookie and help someone in need. Your blood is invaluable to some many people who need your generosity to live. There is no substitute for healthy donor blood. Around the world, if you're feeling extra generous, coordinate your own local donation day. Tell us - and we'll help get the word out! Needles lose all ability to scare when you're in a crowd of friends (and you don't feel a thing). It's win/win.

There are many events worldwide celebrating this upcoming month - film festivals where you can showcase your work, there is the always fantastic Bleedfest that will have a special February WiH celebration screening in LA on the 6th, and many more events will be posted here. Stay tuned (and stay awesome).


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