Monday, January 31, 2011

Teasing for a Bloody Good Cause

Theron Neel could break into my apartment, steal my PS3, kill my cats and tarantulas, and take my supply of energy drinks and he would still be one of the classiest and kindest gentlemen I have every had the pleasure of knowing. There is a big announcement brewing and Theron is in the know. If you are new to reading our diary, catch up on all the awesome here. Now that the whole class is caught up, let's move along, shall we?

"Those crazy Canadians lovingly known as the Twisted Twins — Jen and Sylvia Soska, on their birth certificates — are releasing another PSA for their favorite cause, the Massive Blood Drive. Their first PSA was so awesome and beloved by all that the sisters decided it had to be topped. And from what they told me, it absolutely has been."

To celebrate Women In Horror Recognition Month, Jen and I host a worldwide Massive Blood Drive. It's simple. Go to your local blood bank and donate any time in February. Host one in your local city or with a group of your friends. You get to do something good for people who are in desperate need. And all the cool kids are doing it (I overheard them talking about it before they proudly pronounced me a 'nerd' and inserted me into a nearby dumpster). Send us your pictures and stories and get presents.

In order to further inspire donation and get over needle phobia, we create a new PSA yearly to get people in the bleeding spirit. This year we collaborated with artists around the world to make a blood drive anthem, give a sense of unity (because that's really what feminism is about), and even announce who will be playing the title role in upcoming AMERICAN MARY with a cameo appearance in the video. Theron, being the good friend that he is, has been sworn to secrecy but has this to offer --

"Now, I can't speak her name, but I can tell you that the woman they've cast is a wonderful actress that you've enjoyed in past horror favorites. Wait, maybe you can guess. That would be fair, right?"

When does it all happen, what is going on, c'mon, Sylv, spill with the details. Well, the closest you will get is here - by reading the whole tantalizing teasing article. Tomorrow, the video. Be still my fangirl heart.


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