Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eye Am Honored


One of the first things I ever learned about horror movies is that all that gore and blood and monsters and whatnot (some things are indescribable) are created by talented artists who pretty much design, build, rig, and create every aspect of your nightmare. This lesson came to me at the age of ten after seeing POLTERGEIST (I said I would be ok watching it/I was not). After learning the truth, it became so much more interesting what could be made to get a good scare. And what scared the shit out of me also in my youth was seeing a kid get him in the bat of the head with an aluminum bat - causing his eye to pop out of the socket.

There is a sequence in DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK that we are extremely proud of where all holy hell breaks lose ending with someone losing any eye. It was a beautiful eye made by the best - God. You see, pigs have different colored eyes just like humans - blue, brown, green, hazel - and they are just the right size too. Get them at a discount at the butcher shop. They are a godsend to indie horror. We used some fancy ten minute film school (a la Rodriguez - see DVD extras on ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO) and used a locked shot to blend our mold and our actress's face. The rest is eye-popping history.

It is with a gigantic sense of pride that I share this incredible news -- The Horror Digest, in an article written by the fantastic Andre Dumas -- has included our gore on fear-inspired list entitled: "BJ-C'S FEAR OF EYE TRAUMA TOP 9 PICKS OF TRULY TRAUMATIC EYE MOMENTS." She includes us amongst such gory gloriful flicks like: KILL BILL VOLUME 2, HOSTEL, THE BIRDS, AUDITION, SESSION 9, SAW 2, UN CHIEN ANDALOU, and ZOMBIE -- on Andre's list. Thank you for this sincere honor and beautiful your words --

"The Soska sister's Dead Hooker in a Trunk was one of the more entertaining and eye opening experiences in my indie horror watching career. A film that takes exploitation and runs with it and a film that is stuffed to the max with gore, gore and beautiful gore. One moment in particular however had me exclaiming with wonder, confusion and holy eye trauma madness. After the peak of the greatest scene in the film, Geek (played by Jen Soska) is standing in a parking garage when some dude with a baseball bat smashes her head---causing her eye ball to pop out.

I stopped trying to figure out how this scene was possible seconds after it happened because I realized it was just too fantastic to be talking logistics about. It is at once fantastic and extremely cringe inducing when you imagine such a thing happening to yourself."

There is a whole other list with rad eye-cringing moments for your thrill-filled fancy. Check the whole list here - it's the raddest of rad. Now, don't run with scissors, girls and boys, or you might... >insert eye gag here<


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