Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Starting the Year Off Awesome with Beth at Bleedfest

Missed BLEEDFEST? Oh, C'MON!! We totally told you about it WAY in advance. If you're in California, shame on you. If, however, you're in some distant corner of the world (much like ourselves...), here's the next best thing to having actually been there.

Beth Accomando, you may recall her downright gore~geous pics posted in our PENNY DREADFUL DIARY from the HORRIBLE IMAGININGS HORROR FILM FESTIVAL OF SAN DIEGO. You can see that post and drink in a hard, but satisfying shot of radness HERE. It's cool, I'll wait. This entry will be waiting for you when you return.

All done? Welcome back to the party. See? I told you Beth rocks. And, she was also in attendance at this past BLEEDFEST.

As promised, here's the next best thing to having been there yourself. Allow Beth to take you through the festival. What was hot? What was so very not? Her writing is not only insightful and beautifully written, it is also bullshit free. Check out the festival through her eyes HERE.

And get ready for the NEXT BLEEDFEST IN FEBRUARY!! Why's it so special? Well, aside from BLEEDFEST being chalk full of wickedness, it will be a very special WOMEN IN HORROR month edition. That's right, boys and grrls. Start hitch hiking to the West Coast now...


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