Monday, August 29, 2011

Do What You Love and You'll Never Work Another Day in Your Life

People have told me I suck. It happens. When we started making DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK with maxed out credit cards and mad ambition, people went out of their way to tell me that it would never work, we would never pull it off, and nobody would watch the flick.

That was almost four years ago, since then the film has been sold worldwide, released first in the UK and Australia by Bounty Films on May 23, 2011, who also gave us our recent television premiere on the Horror Channel, then IFC Midnight bought the remaining world rights and released the flick on VOD on August 3rd and started the flick's limited theatrical release through Canada and the US (demand it in your city - we will hook you up!) with plans to release the DVD in January 2012. If you have a region free player, you can already grab your copy from with either of Bounty's Australian or UK DVD (or both).

The film came from a fuck you to the 'film school' we attended that cut the funding from our final project and told us to 'merge with another group.' Thank God GRINDHOUSE was in theaters at that time that acted as a real film school to get us making our own flick and we never looked back. Find what inspires you to be who you want to be and do what you want to do and make it happen for yourself. And those people who said I sucked? Some of them still feel the same way, others tell me they 'always knew' I could do it.

Too many assholes out there trying to make other people's lives as shitty as theirs. When I see someone going out there, fighting for their dream, it makes me happy to see more fighters out there - making it happen. One such individual is John Ginder. Avid horror fan forever, John recently took the plunge and started turning that honest to goodness love of the genre into a writing career - and let me tell you, girls and boys, when you are doing what you were born to do, everything just fits into place. I love talking to John - we make friends over DHIAT and are now practically family. He treats everyone he meets with respect and he knows his shit.

Everyone has been telling me about how much they enjoy speaking with John and I'm so glad to have him on the scene. It was beyond humbling to see his blog - A HORROR-FYING BLOG - post this morning --

"Okay , everyone- I must thank two most amazing gals for their inspiration and encouragement to leave the safety of the "nonwritng John" to the "writing John". Two folks , sisters , to be more precise, TWINS, really inspired me to do writing,I have always felt like I sucked as a writer,all through growing up never did very well at writing essays etc, nor giving speeches! These two gals ,followed their dream,and made it happen and are living their dream,they are so humble and so appreciative of their fans and friends! I was a fan first, then become friend, now, damn it- wow- I am now a "nonblood family", I am listed as brother on their Facebook- and that makes me so happy! Why??? Because of their encouragement ,their inspiration to get out of my own safety zone and get the hell on with my dreams!"

John was going to be a fucking awesome horror writer and reviewer always and I feel very lucky to have had our story and friendship help in anyway. Clickity click here for the full lovely post. I want to thank John for supporting our flick and pimping his Hooker T like a general of the Twisted Twins Army (I'm serious, there will be dogtags soon). It's because of that support and people sharing the project that it has become what it has and we get to do this for a living. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe the feeling - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you, reading this, have a dream that everyone shits on, please tell those folks to fuck themselves super hard (they probably need it) and go out and make that dream happen for yourself. If you dedicate yourself, work hard, and sacrifice to make it happen - you can't fail.



  1. John, I want to have your horror baby.

  2. Jen and Sylvia- you two once again started an earthquake of the best kind- the "you rock my world" kind- thank you! TY from the bottom of my heart- I will ramble now- so- just know that I am so forever grateful to you two!
    John- your Bro- love you guys!