Monday, August 08, 2011

Sam the Horror Man chats with the Twisted Twins Tonight!

Sam the Horror Man is the man. He is pictured above on the street where Laurie Strode in Halloween first encounters Michael Myers. Epic.

He's been a long time supporter of our exploits beginning from when our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK first dragged it's ridiculous and demented self onto the horror scene. We've come a long way and it's a real pleasure to speak again with a friend who believed in us and our work from the very start of it all. Tonight, on The Savir Show we'll be re-united. He also writes for Bloody Disgusting, which we love like Freddy Kruger loves narcolepsy. He is one of the geniuses behind The Realm Cast which is a geek~gasmic site. It's spectacular and amazing and sometimes even "web of" (yeah, that's one for my fellow Marvel fanatics).

And just to add even more awesome to an already awesome show, fellow femme fatale, Andrea Albin will be on the show! It's the first time we'll be making voice to voice contact. We recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Andrea for STIFF Magazine alongside everyone's (and our) favorite badass director, Eli Roth. You can order yours here and get the full interview also here on The Albin Way, the wicked awesome blog of miss Albin.

Tune in tonight to hear The Twisted Twins share some awesome info in their filmmaking careers. Sylvia & Jen Soska. Tune in at / VRadio . 9pm-10pm CST/ 10pm-11pm EST/ 7pm-8pm PST.

Tune in tonight, boys and grrls!

Bloody Best!

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