Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twisted Twins drop by the WICKED Awesome Ghost Show

In life, you remember every time you fall in love. Well, such an event has happened in our Twisted little hearts. May we introduce to you our new love and obsession, Canadian Horror Treasure, Ghost. Yes, we love Ghost. Ghost (aka the sensational Xtopher Miniaci) is the horror host with the most.

We were invited onto his show and jumped at the chance. The Ghost Show is brand spanking new and if you're hearing about it first here, my dears, you are quite welcome. Ghost is charismatic, hilarious, brilliant, and you can expect to see the Twisted Twins popping by any chance we get in the future. This time around? The show's about Horror Movie Villains. Ghost counts down his top ten.

And who's our personal favorite? What wears sneakers and a chainsaw and is covered in blood? Can't guess? Well, you just have to tune in and find out.

You can get the episodes and up coming episodes on Get EPISODE TWO right here, right now.

And catch up with Ghost on his blog, HORROR WITH THE KEEPER OF THE NIGHT, right here.

He's sweet even to mention us, too. Mark our words, you wanna get on the bandwagon now.

Thank you so much to Ghost for being the beautiful horror beacon that you are. Can't wait to come on again and really can't wait to meet in the flesh. I haven't been this proud to be Canadian since the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

We love you, Ghost. Thank you for coming into our lives and rocking the horror world!

Bloody Best!

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