Friday, August 12, 2011

GLEE: Gleek On

That's right, horror hounds. I said it. Mother loving GLEE.

What the hell, Jen? Are you drunk again? No. Not yet. But I DO I have a confession to make.

I watch GLEE.

Yep, I watch the hell out of GLEE. Never missed an episode. From the beginning I was skeptical, I must admit, though I am a sucker for musicals. When I heard there was going to be a show that was done musical style, I got excited. VERY excited. But I didn't muster up the courage to watch the premiere. What if I hated it? Or worse, what if I loved it? I ultimately took the plunge and here I am.

I firmly believe the very best of us are geeks and what a wonderful time to live in when geek is chic. Super hero movies are all the rage, Comic Con is now a star studded event, and GLEE has found it's way into even the hardest of hearts. I wasn't all that cool in school. You'd find me haunting the drama room, dreaming of playing Catwoman some day. I wouldn't have been caught dead in the choir room, though. The thought of singing in front of a crowd terrified me. But, secretly, I love to sing.

I had a chance to once. In front of the WHOLE school. It was when that film, DUETS, came out. I was a mere actor, but my friend, a talented singer, asked me to sing with him. I was so excited. Me? Singing? Wow. I enlisted the help of a singer to tutor me. I was terrified to sing for her. I sang anyways. And she told me I was awful. It shattered my self esteem, I backed out of the performance, and I have regretted that decision ever since. I was just too damn scared.

You wouldn't have found me amongst the Cheerleaders either. Being a Buffy fan, I wanted to be one of them so badly, but the school's social structure made it an impossibility. I have always regretted not just saying, "fuck it" and going for both opportunities.

Glee has brought those two secret dreams to light. No doubt about it that we love Halloween with a fiery passion and we have some of the coolest super hero and film heroine duds that you've ever laid eyes on. Now added to that collection? Oh, c'mon, like you can't guess where I'm going with this...

I love to be covered in blood, guts, and gore, but I must also be true to my inner Gleek. After all, a Gleek is just a geek that likes to get their rock on. And how could I not love it when my beloved Joss Whedon guest directs? If you haven't seen DREAM ON, his amazing episode guest starring the sensational Neil Patrick Harris, do treat yourselves (get your GLEE on here). I'm not saying GLEE is without flaw. I tear apart many an episode, but their heart is in the right place. If all us under dogs and outcasts band together we'd realize there's a hell of a lot more of us than the "normies" out there and we wouldn't feel alone or out of place. I love that about GLEE.

I want to send out a very special thank you to our dear friend Henry Ordway Jr. He was kind enough to send me this incredible book from the live performance of GLEE when it was in his town and even gave me the play by play. Friends like that are absolutely invaluable. Thank you so much, Henry. You're wonderful.

And a special thank you to Maggie Wallis for the gore~geous Cheerios uniform. I love it and love you even more.

Candice Fisher of Dehen, Inc helped make my GLEE dream a reality. Check out DEHEN, INC to get your very own CHEERIOS UNIFORM. Thank you for being so awesome, Candice!

So, all you Gleeks out there, say it loud and proud. You can see more of my Gleek Fest Photos here by Sylvia Soska. And to the rest of you? I promise next time you see me I'll be killing some nice stranger ;)

Bloody Best!

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