Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun With Horror has fun with the Twisted Twins

"Jen and I grew up watching Rodriguez flicks on repeat and playing them out. We wanted to be El. Not only were his flicks cool, but he also had his Ten Minute Film Schools to show you how he did it." ~ Sylvia Soska

Welcome to Fun With Horror. The site is a blend of interviews, horror movie reviews, and more. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Tyler Doupe of the site about DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and it's upcoming release (January 31st), AMERICAN MARY, Robert Rodriguez, Carlos Gallardo, Eli Roth, and what's coming up this year from us Twisted Twins. Mayhaps yet another feature? You'll have to read it to know!


And a huge thank you to Tyler for taking the time to catch up with us Twisted Twins before we lock ourselves away into the editing suite.

Please enjoy responsibly and Bloody Best!

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