Monday, January 09, 2012

Twisted Twins Bling for Women In Horror Month by Hot Chick Physics

"This listing is for a set of two earrings.
One pair of earrings are made with black ear wires and black chain. Small drops of blood red genuine coral hang suspended from the chain. These earrings are just past 2 1/2" long.
The other pair are made with black ear wires and black chain. Small banded onyx and blood red glass hangs suspended from the chain. These earrings are about 2 1/2" long.

This style is one in a Limited Edition series inspired by women in horror. These fabulous Jen and Sylvia earrings are named after Jen and Sylvia Soska, directors of Dead Hooker in a Trunk and the forthcoming American Mary.

Women In Horror Recognition Month is fast approaching - February 2012 is almost upon us. For those of you reading this blog thinking - whoa, what? - WiH Month was brainchild by dear friend and complete horror feminist badass, creator of Ax Wound Zine, Hannah Neurotica to celebrate the our favourite ladies contributions to the genre not only in front of the camera, behind the camera, but also in every artist way that the genre lives, breathes, and creeps into your nightmares.

Why do we need a Women In Horror Recognition Month? Are you familiar with Alice Guy, the first director of non-fiction and pioneer of early cinema? Probably not. How about Jovanka Vuckovic, the former editor, now killer horror director, of Rue Morgue whose true horror love and balls bigger than most of us who brought the Canadian magazine to its gory glory? Or Sally Menke who left us too soon - the femme fatale who cut your favourite flicks, she was Tarantino's editor and a total badass? Hopefully this isn't the first time you're hearing these names, but sadly for a lot of people it would be. These women are huge to the genre and like can be seen most evidently in the situation with Alice Guy, women weren't in jobs like those, so many of her contributions - over 700 films that she was involved in - were contributed to any part of her team that was a man because in the early 1900s, that's how shit went down.

On a personal note, when we first started submitting DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK to festivals, we faced a lot of rejection on title alone, getting the response that 'we don't screen those kinds of films.' Eli Roth introduced us to Hannah, having a feeling we'd hit it off (we did famously) and when she started WiH, it spawned film festivals around the world and gave DHIAT its first screenings. It's promoted independent artists as well as paid tribute to the ladies that fought hard to get us where we are today.

There are many ways to celebrate WiH Month - the film festivals and submitting projects and attending are a big one. Jen and I host a worldwide Massive Blood Drive every February encouraging folks to forgo their phobia and donate blood to save a life (each donation helps three people). Make some artwork, tell a friend, blog about people who inspire you - there are many ways to get involved. One extremely cool way, that I'm honoured to be a part of, is Tonjia Atomic of Hot Chick Physics' jewellery line promoting independent horror artists. (see sweet-ass bling above)

Who is this talented, beautiful jewelry making lady? Allow her to introduce her self and her slick as hell company. Creating your own business, making your ambitions into a reality, and running like a boss is the highest form of appeal in my books.

"Hello! Tonjia Atomic here. I’m the creator of Hot Chick Physics. I make all of the jewelry that you see here by hand. Most items are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. I also make custom items. Feel free to send me an email via the address that you will find on the contact page if you’d like to talk about multiple orders or custom orders.

I started Hot Chick Physics in 2005 to create fun and unique jewelry that expresses my eclectic tastes. I love dark mysterious items that harken to an earlier time in history and bright brilliant colors that pop out and grab attention. If you like vintage antiques, kawaii, dollhouse miniatures, candy, filigree, gunmetal, silver, glitter, or glam then you have come to the right place!
Hot Chick Physics: for all your trashy-classy, witchy-kitschy, gothic-diva, punk-princess accessory needs

Other artists included right now are Kelsey Zukowski (actress & director, THE HAZED, WORDS LIKE KNIVES), Lianne Spiderbaby (writer for Fangoria, co-host & creator of the web series Fright Bytes), L. C. Cruell (director, 31), Barbara Peeters (writer & director, HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP), Christine Parker (director, FISTFUL OF BRAINS, A FEW BRAINS MORE), Karen Lam (director, DOLLPARTS, STAINED), and Julie O'Connor Ufema (director, CAVEAT).

Check her site out here and get your self a sexy piece, ladies, and, gents, hook up the psychotic blood loving babes in your life with some thoughtful, artful pieces. Thank you to Tonjia for creating these pieces and including Jen and me in the lineup. Fucking awesome!!


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