Saturday, January 28, 2012

UK Horror Channel Exclusive Interview with the Twisted Twins

We don't say it enough.

The UK fucking rocks.

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK may be getting its worldwide release this Tuesday, January 31st, but that's old news if you live in the UK. Why is that? Oh, just cuz the UK had DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK since May 23rd 2011. That's right. The UK has been damn good to us. In addition to being the very first place to release the film, they were also the first ones to screen her at a festival, AND they gave her her television premiere. Not only that, but they didn't just play DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK once. Nope, they played her a whole thwack load and we have the utterly delicious UK Horror Channel to thank for that.

Truly, I may have to marry a Brit JUST to show my gratitude.

We're damn busy, but before we went into total and utter lock down editing our newest beast, AMERICAN MARY, we had the privilege of getting to chat with our very favorite station. For those of you NOT in the know, the UK Horror Channel is SKY 319, VIRGIN 149, FREESAT 138. Do tune in, won't you?

James Whittington, an absolutely wonderful gent and brilliant writer and all round stand up guy, caught up with us in an exclusive TWO PART INTERVIEW.




We chatted about AMERICAN MARY. Yes, if we could say it, we did. We chatted about Eli Roth, how things have changed for us since the UK Horror Channel premiered DHIAT, our love for our UK fans, what's coming up next for us, our retirement from acting, and much more. Please enjoy.

And thank you so much to James for taking the time to chat with us!

Fatally Yours,

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