Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mad Haus 7's Greg Probst interviews the Twisted Twins

The horror community is made up of the best people in the world.

Case in point? One Greg Probst, the man behind Mad Haus 7, Independent screenwriter, director, and film maker. He's a contributor to exploitation film site, a site which is just so fucking radcore you MUST check it out. He's studying for a journalism degree and writing as much as possible about anything that comes to mind.

And he's fucking awesome.

We had the pleasure of chatting with him recently and it truly was our pleasure as he's been damn good to us and we have nothing but respect for a fellow indie artist going after their dreams. But, whoa, hey, hang on a sec!! Twins, aren't you smack dab in the middle of editing your latest occult opus, AMERICAN MARY? Why, yeah, of course, but we can spare a few moments at two in the morning for a friend. We promise we'll get right back to being locked away and editing (which is going SUPER, thanks for asking) and when we return, shit is about to get real.

Thank you, Greg, for taking the time to chat with us and for supporting us and our DEAD HOOKER.

Here's the FULL ARTICLE AND INTERVIEW for your viewing/reading pleasure!!

Thanks for reading and you totally got us there, boys and grrl. We fucking love you guys.

Bloody Best!

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